Lux Serpent - Mortal Moon (CD) (5871827091609)

Lux Serpent - Mortal Moon (CD)


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Lux Serpent was founded in 2010 by jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist Ingo Ross and drummer Dominik Sapia (Eisheil). With Christian Schnittker on guitar and Ludger Küperkoch on bass, two more musicians were added over the years who had a significant influence on Lux Serpent. In 2019, the saxophonist and pianist Udo Stunz completed the line-up for the recording of the second album "Mortal Moon".
In 2017 the debut album "Requiem" was released, which determined the basic style of the formation with its orchestral instrumentation and expansive choral passages.
While the album "Requiem", which was highly praised in the press, falls back on the traditional text of the Catholic requiem mass, a few sonnets by William Shakespeare were chosen as the basis for the text on the new album "Mortal Moon".
Classical and jazz elements meet hard guitar riffing and illustrate the existential struggle of man with himself that is omnipresent in Shakespeare's texts. Emotional piano and string passages and the expressive, emotional singing guide the listener through the inner abysses of human existence.

"Damn axe, what LUX SERPENT have immortalized on CD is breathtaking" [...] The doom community in Germany will be cheering and rubbing their eyes in amazement that the next doom metal sensation will come right out of the pot." (Dirk Zimmermann,
"It's very original what the Dortmund band, which has existed since 2010, has presented to us!" (Götz Kühnemund, Deaf Forever
"...just great cinema..." (Jörg Müller,

01 Prelude
02 How Heavy Do I Journey
03 Will
04 Mortal Moon
05 Why
06 Love's Not Time's Fool
07 In The Old Age
08 Frantic Mad
09 Love Is My Sin
10 No Longer Mourn For Me
11 Thin Eyes
12 No! time