Lynx Lynx - 7 (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906922111129)

Lynx Lynx - 7 (12" vinyl album)

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“On their new EP 'Trailer Park' the cover fits the music...perfectly. It has both feet in fuzzy, scratchy garage rock and sounds less like a hip revival than like a beat and polyester suits – and without the 'The' in the name!” - (VISIONS)

"Trailer Park: So far my song of the year 2014 !" - (ROCKTIMES)

Side A

01 Get straight
02 99 Things
03 Everybody Is In Love With You
04 It's fun
05 Black Feather

Side B

06 See That Girl
07 Who Shot The Druggies
08 Ways To Get Along With You
09 Coast Of Wasted Youth
10 Swords, Part II
11 All These Times