Lynx Lynx - Trailer Park (10" Vinyl-EP) (5871697100953)

Lynx Lynx - Trailer Park (10" Vinyl EP)


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Lynx Lynx are a boys/girls garage troupe, founded in 2008 in a lynx den in Dortmund. Since then, they've been spreading their fuzz-infected sound, which ranges from dirty blues and punk to noise pop, on LP, 7inch and tape. Their new 10inch TRAILER PARK will blow your nose with an overdose of no-fi garage dust!

Lynx Lynx are back! After traveling ancient prairies hand in hand with The Gories, The Stooges and Howlin Wolf on their debut LP, a 7inch and a tape, Lynx Lynx are back to spread their noise-o-delic garage-blues on their new 10inch TRAILER PARK! This little 5-track monster was recorded with Tex Napalm. It gives you a full dose of noise pop and garage kicks...all you need to freak out on a sunny day in your trailer park! In addition, the b-side contains a Buddy Holly cover. The 10inch comes along with download codes. 300 copies only!

"Hard to fuzz!" (VISIONS 07/2010)

“LYNX LYNX come from the Ruhr area, but they sound more like they are part of the Brooklyn neo-shoegazer scene, always reminding of Crystal Stilts. Scratchy, psychedelic noise pop - good all round.' (OX 08/2011)

“Four Dortmunders, who are tradition-conscious, but never old-fashioned, reviving the rock 'n' roll of past decades. Between garage and sabbath, cocky and with as much pressure as feeling. Extremely successful!” (INTRO 05/2010)

01 trailer park
02 cheating girls
03 Make You Wild
04 Not Fade Away
05 Pusher Girl