Magnus Landsberg & ein sehr großes Monster - s/t (CD) (5871739273369)

Magnus Landsberg & a Very Big Monster - s/t (CD)


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Nobody was waiting for Magnus Landsberg. For years in the scene as a guitarist in a wide variety of bands, he has actually found his place and, above all, seen enough to know: there really are enough German singer-songwriters. That's why he only writes his own songs for himself in the quiet at first. Only when the songs and lyrics are piling up does he show his compositions to a good friend, who immediately coaxes him into promising to play his songs live within a year. No sooner said than done, this little bet degenerates into a friendship project. Musician friends and long-time companions join Magnus euphorically and bring his songs to the stage for the first time in December 2014 as "Magnus Landsberg & ein very big Monster". Armed with an acoustic guitar and irony, he faces the elementary questions of the hashtag generation or loses himself in urban poetry and packs his stories into simple and tasteful arrangements. The first gig was just the starting signal and meanwhile Magnus is touring all over the country solo, in a trio or with his “very big monster”.
Incidentally, he and his band recorded an album that will be released on the renowned Osnabrück label Timezone and is therefore available on all platforms, from small shops to Spotify. The listener can expect an organic live production and a textually and musically varied journey through the city and out into the country. yesterday, today and tomorrow. The album is also available at Magnus Gigs at the merch stand. "Magnus Landsberg & a very big monster" is a real live experience that you shouldn't miss.

01 Happy
02 zombie helicopter action
03 Red song with horses
04 I'm not participating anymore
05 A nice sound
06 World Cuddle Day
07 Big cinema
08 Self-discovery
09 Heartless
10 Nothing
11 zodiac animal
12 A Nice Noise (live with Liza&Kay)