Maloun - Faithful Friend (CD) (5871770042521)

Maloun - Faithful Friend (CD)


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Radiant synth pads meet blurry guitar sounds. Playful vocal lines are reminiscent of Kate Bush's first demos. Maloun creates its own cosmos by playfully dealing with the chaos of life. Hanging between nostalgic fiction and reality, the compositions culminate in a pulsating enthusiasm of gloom and melancholy. With a mixture of pop and indie rock, Maloun invites you to dance between reality and dream worlds. Maloun are: BereNike Wuhrer (vocals, synthesizer), Philipp Winterstein (guitar, vocals), Lennie Fanslau (bass) and Marian Stirkat (drums). The four musicians met in Hamburg in 2016 and have been active in this constellation ever since. After various performances in northern Germany (Wutzrock Festival Hamburg, Kieler Bootshafensommer etc.) the first EP entitled "Faithful Friend" is now being released on the Osnabrück label Timezone Records. For the recordings, the musicians holed up for a few days in Hamburg's Clouds Hill Studio, where many greats in the music world have poured their ideas into solid sound.

01 Little Rabbit
02 Johnny
03 Falling
04 Faithful Friend
05 Close And Far
06 All My Life