Malstrom - Phantom Architect (CD) (5871740780697)

Malstrom - Phantom Architect (CD)

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A swirling maelstrom that disappears into an extinct, subterranean giant volcano. It is an eternal interplay between falling into the infinite depths of the sea and the thrill of taking risks on the edge of the eddy to enjoy the danger. In any case, there is no security. Fish and other sea creatures instinctively avoid the vicinity of the whirlpool, while humans, over and over again, fall prey to their uncontrollable curiosity and dare to get too close.

"With guitar, saxophone and drums, Axel Zajac, Salim Javaid and Jo Beyer create more colors and associative spaces than you would expect from the small cast and have so much fun with deconstruction that their music becomes an all-round humorous commentary on the possibilities of contemporary jazz becomes. Reason enough to present them with the 7th European Burghausen Jazz Prize for Young Talent,” explains the jury. (March 18, 2015, JazzZeitung editors)

"[...] For example, the band "Malstrom" performed, a trio with an unusual line-up: a saxophonist, a guitarist and a drummer interpreted their own pieces such as "A green meadow with colorful flowers on it". Axel Zajac took part his unconventional eight-string guitar, no less unconventional exchanges of blows with saxophonist Salim Javaid. Melodically beautiful passages were countered with experimental-associative ones, ingrained listening habits evaporated." (Tom Bullmann, NOZ, July 2014)

"The music of the three is a perfectly played mixture of progressive rock by bands like "Dream Theater" or "Tool" and guitar virtuosos like Yngwie Malmsteen and intricate jazz by Steve Coleman or the expressiveness of John Zorn. But there is also a youthful innocence and freshness that is fun. Of course, those who expected swing or hard bop were disappointed. But those who took the time to listen to and experience this music experienced a concert to marvel at. Every break sits, nothing crunches there, the innumerable rhythms change into even more intricate ones; it took a reasonably ambitious musician weeks to practice the melodic lines casually delivered by sax and guitar. Perhaps it was a courageous decision to open the Jazz Week with such an edgy contribution, but it's definitely a very good one." (BR blog, Ulrich Habersetzer, March 19, 2015)

01 Bubble Tea Ache Part 1
02 The revenant
03 The fee
04 A Green Meadow With Colorful Flowers On It Part 1
05 The Reptilian Shapeshifter
06 Can't Hold Us Down
07 A Green Meadow With Colorful Flowers Part 2
08 blood toll
09 Bubble Tea Ache Part 2
10 The suburban kids