Manadeus - Albträume (CD) (5964928745625)

Manadeus - Nightmares (CD)


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With his new album "Nightmares" Manadeus combines modern music with elements of film music. Each of the songs was created through self-experienced nightmares. In addition to catchy songs that go in the direction of pop and rap, you will find individual compositions that could well be a soundtrack for a new film. But also in the pop/rap songs, elements of the film music appear again and again. Manadeus processes his darkest dreams and memories on this album and tries to transform them into hope. Nevertheless, you can clearly see that his nightmares catch up with him again and again.
The album seems so authentic because you are guaranteed to find yourself in one of the dreams. Every song like a new dream. You never know what you dream next.

1. Paradox
2. Poison
3. Hocus Pocus
4. Outer Space
5. Ghosts
6th X
7. Darkness
8. Sleepwalker
9. OPA
10. XX
11. Love of my life
12. Sleep well
13. How should I sleep