Manfred Fuchs Trio - Foxology (CD) (6145667235993)

Manfred Fuchs Trio - Foxology (CD)

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The new CD by the Manfred Fuchs Trio convinces with varied original pieces, catchy melodies and rousing grooves.
The stylistic diversity ranges from traditional gypsy swing and romantic-dreamy ballads to blues, rhythm changes and gypsy bossa to tango, with highly virtuosic, imaginative improvisations that seem to ignore technical problems.
The bass also comes into its own - unusual for the genre - in every piece, sometimes plucked, sometimes bowed.

01 Seven Fountains
02 Lakeside Boardwalk
03 Parking Lot Blues
04 Bossa Manfredo
05 Foxology
06 Late Night
07 Mister B (The Dark Side of the Band)
08 Lazy Afternoon
09 River Bank Swing
10 For Franz