Manolo Redondo - Helmet On (CD) (5871791374489)

Manolo Redondo - Helmet On (CD)


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With his previous album, "A Drop About to Drown", we had the chance to hear how Manolo Redondo likes to wander around musical genre. On "Helmet On", his songs still bring us on unexplored territories between dream pop and folk, and are at ease with a psychedelic touch and a progressive temptation inherited from the sixties. To this sca olding of acoustic sophistication, Manolo adds a veil of soft oddness, notably underlined by French lyrics seeking oniric heights.
Without losing any of that spontaneity able to produce a lot with few, "Helmet On" draws new landscapes in a subtle and rich pop, echoing The National or Chris Garneau, with slight synth moments and unifying choir. In a constellation of creative and sensitive albums, "Helmet On" is a pop comet.

01 Stains Remain
02 Best Keep Secret
03 Mountaineering
04 Lo Is The New Hi
05 Bigger Blow
06 Lentement
07 Helmet On
08 The Inca & The Khmer
09 Ten Thousand Days
10 Waves Men Ocean
11 No One Cares
12 Wintergarden
13 Conquete Spaciale