Mara - erbarmungslos ehrlich (CD) (5871792160921)

Mara - Relentlessly Honest (CD)


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Having grown up in Delmenhorst, singer-songwriter Martina Lies, aka Mara, has been living in her adopted home of Berlin for 28 years. Already in her twenties, life found expression in writing and composing songs, but music has always “had to be subordinate to other topics”, as she says herself. In 2015, she finally allows herself the space she needs "to hear what life has to say." The result was her touching debut album "mercilessly honest", in which she dealt with major themes such as freedom , farewell and truth. With her warm, profound and powerful voice, Mara leads the listener into the uncertainty and changeability of life without longing or melancholy, but just as it is. Their catchy and incomparable melodies spring from a sincerity and openness that hit the listener right in the heart, make him think and touch him in an enriching way.
On stage, Mara shows her fragility as well as being powerful and with a lot of humor for the stories she tells. She is accompanied by the guitarist and singer Götz Rausch, with whom she also recorded her first album.

01 life
02 Half-assed
03 Actually
04 wave
05 freedom
06 warriors
07 Farewell
08 Stranger
09 part-time mother
10 Best Friend