Marceese - A-Ramblin' And A-Howlin' (CD) (5871703654553)

Marceese - A Ramblin' And A Howlin' (CD)


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Almost exactly one year to the day after his fourth solo album "Young At Heart", Berlin's Hans-Dampf-in-allen-Gassen presents his next long player. It's called "A-Ramblin' And A-Howlin'" and goes back even more than its predecessor to the roots of R'n'R. Americana, blues, country and even bluegrass can be gleaned from the album's raw tones. Once again, the lonesome capital cowboy completed the 12 songs completely alone. "It's as if you're hearing unique snapshots." had already aptly diagnosed his last album. From October the "handsome fellow" will be roaming the country again with his guitar, crying, to tell about his experiences. The journey is his goal.

01 Honeybee
02 Poor Wretch Blues
03 Give a Dog a Bad Name
04 I Might Be Wrong
05 Life Is Worth a Ride
06 Every Jack Has His Jill
07 Barking Underdog
08 Looking for a change
09 The Man with a Head Full of Doubt
10 Both Hands Tied
11 Oh How I Long For
12 Pretty Willie