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Marceese - Rock Bottom (CD)


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With his seventh KISS cover CD "Rock Bottom", the Berlin singer/songwriter deletes all the instruments of a classic rock arrangement and reduces his versions to the maximum. In the majority of the pieces, only an acoustic guitar and the vocals remain.
Most people only know KISS from "I was made for lovin' you" and so it took seven years from Marceese's first cover CD until he took on their biggest hit. One thing can be revealed, the disco-pop tearjerker from 1979 has never been heard like this before - psychedelic and dark. Also "Wiped-Out" and "New York Groove" (originally by Russ Ballard) from the '78 Ace Frehley solo LP are unrecognizable or does someone connect country with KISS? Probably not. And the die-hard KISS fan finally rediscovers “Hard Times” for themselves. Once again, you don't have to be a fan of the masked foursome from NYC to appreciate the album - rather, Marceese shows the strengths of their early releases and that's good songwriting.
The eighth of a total of 12 tribute albums by Marceese will be released on October 9th - Corona-related home office makes it possible. "Rocket Ride" is then again a proper piece of Rock n Roll: dirty, loud and awesome.

01 Fire house
02 Christine Sixteen
03 Ain't Quiet Right
04 Hard Times
05 It's Alright
06 I Was Made For Lovin' You
07 See You In Your Dreams
08 wiped out
09 New York groove
10 Rock Bottom