Marceese - Rocket Ride (CD) (5871830499481)

Marceese - Rocket Ride (CD)


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"Rocket Ride" is the new creation of the Berlin guitarist and singer Marceese, who has been up to his musical mischief for 30 years now. Strictly speaking, it's his eighth (!) of 12 KISS tribute albums and his second this year.
Compared to its predecessor, “Rocket Ride” is significantly heartier and heavier, which may appeal to the inclined KISS listener. Even though the original works have been properly shredded and reassembled at will, the songwriting talent of the masked hard rock clowns survives. Psychological borrowings, bluesy tones, folky arrangements - all components that one is used to from the Berliner - not so from the originators. Check it out, ya!

01 Tonight You Belong To Me
02 Rocket Ride
03 hooligan
04 You Matter To Me
05 Wouldn't You Like To Know Me
06 Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We're Apart)
07 I Can't Stop The Rain
08 Deuce
09 Nothin' To Lose
10 Take Me Away (Together As One)