Marceese - Straßen Richtung Süden (CD) (5871759065241)

Marceese - Southbound Roads (CD)


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One voice, one guitar. This recipe - as simple as it is healing - comes from the early days of rock 'n' roll. Songwriter Marceese dares to experiment with it. With "Streets towards the South" the head of the Berlin rock institution Red Stoner Sun is launching a new edition for the successor to his first solo work "Blood For Blood" - composed on the acoustic guitar, but with numerous guest musicians in the Band robe recorded and for the first time purely with lyrics in his mother tongue.
"Streets towards the South", recorded in the Goldfisch Studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg, allows you to travel comfortably in Marceese's suitcase on big, very personal feelings. Longing and demanding at the same time, the musician looks at the vastness of life and with an open heart he braces himself against hopelessness and equanimity in his lyrics. Musically, always oscillating between the dusty brothers rhythm & blues, folk and rock'n'roll, even the rough songs gain their own catchy pop appeal. Marceese does not shy away from cracked voices while he sings about his children's mother, nor does he shy away from aggressive grooves when he proclaims, as in "Madiba": "We will fight. With heart and mind. For freedom and equality. For our brothers and sisters.”

“Anyone who, like Marceese, has regarded the stage as the only true home for over 18 years does not think in terms of hits. The multitude of songs on 'Streets towards the South' is all the more astonishing, and they immediately screw themselves into long-term memory. Warming – without lulling you. Socially critical – without complaining. Far-sighted – without being boring. Somebody learned from the big guys. 'Influences? Bah, anything between Pink Floyd and Slayer. The main thing is the guitar,' says Marceese." (Bernd Skischally/Süddeutsche Zeitung)

01 How far?
02 horizon
03 Madiba
04 upside down
05 Redefine
06 For you
07 It hardly rains
08 A song instead of flowers
09 Give me a reason
10 The Ballad of Pauli
11 miles far
12 girls from Annaberg