Marceese - Young At Heart (CD) (5871687827609)

Marceese - Young At Heart (CD)


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20 years of rock'n'roll and stage sweat have allowed the sound of the Berlin musician Marceese to mature. His fourth solo album "Young at Heart" is casual, rough, simple and authentic. 11 songs with relevant Americana, folk and blues rock influences are the successful result of the return to his musical roots. The restless storyteller is back on a solo tour from October to present "Young at Heart".

01 With One Hand Waving Free
02 Kind of a Nothing
03 First Yer Blues
04 Delighted Girl
05 King and Queen
06 Have You Seen Them?
07 The Good Ol' Doctor
08 Your Beatin' Heart
09 Life in the Brown Stones
10 Blue Lights
11 Ain't Got a Clue How to Take You Under My Wing