Marcel Bach - 30 Years (A Drum Solo Record) (CD) (5871824076953)

Marcel Bach - 30 Years (A Drum Solo Record) (CD)


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On the anniversary CD 30 Years (A Drum Solo Record), Marcel's stylistic and musical versatility is combined with technical ability at the highest level in a unique 33-minute drum solo. 4 live recordings from various drum festivals also show Marcel's rousing live performance on drums. Including eBook download with effective foot ostinato groove exercises as well as the sheet music of all solo part basic elements as a pool of ideas for your own and very individual solos.

01 Part I Nineteeneightyone
02 Part II Echo
03 Part II Off Beat
04 Part IV Fight
05 Part V Five
06 Part VI The One
07 Part VII Bee
08 Part VIII LU
09 Part IX Live
10 Part X OFATS
11 Part XI Twenty-Eleven
12 Ammerland Drum Festival
13 International Drum Festival Erfurt
14th Mymusic Fair Dresden
15 Ludwigsburg Drum Days