Marcel Bach - Information Overload (CD) (5871823945881)

Marcel Bach - Information Overload (CD)


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“With 'Information Overload', drummer and multi-instrumentalist Marcel Bach has made an exciting debut. The long player with a playing time of 46 minutes offers 14 tracks that immerse the listener in musical worlds. In addition to a number of instrumental titles, which sometimes move boldly and offensively with electro-screwed sounds in the flair between NuJazz and Progressive Rock, the 6 pure drum tracks in particular provide a surprise. Far away from any drumming overdose, the tracks offer a concept of polyrhythmic drum arrangements, which show clever tricks and, due to the musical approach including great sounds, are simply fun to listen to and inspire the enjoyment of drumming. The impressive groove power develops a great aesthetic in the network of inspiring rhythms, which uses a high technical level. Marcel Bach proves that drum solos (no overdubs) can really groove!” (Sticks Magazin January 2006)

01 Real Thing
02 Information overload
03 Diddles To The Feet
04 Psycho Demon
05 Five On The Floor
06 The Game
08 Subnormal
09 Clave Confusion
10 Let It All Come Down
11 Inside
12 Underground
13 Deep
14 Solo #1