Marcel Bach - Progression (CD) (5871824830617)

Marcel Bach - Progression (CD)


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“Following his first CD 'Overload' and the DVD 'Soundsurfer', drummer Marcel Bach composed (all instruments!), recorded, mixed, mastered and produced all on his own, now presents his second CD 'Progression'. The 9 compositions move in a furious crossover of hard rock, prog rock, metal, fusion, odd meter grooves and blast beats. Marcel isn't just bubbling over with ideas when it comes to the drums, there are also a lot of guitar riffs and bass lines that are noteworthy. However, all this is not easy fare, because in almost every song Marcel demands the highest level of concentration from his listeners with all the many motif, tempo and meter changes, so that no fine, small detail ever escapes. That's almost musical overkill, but only almost, because Marcel always gets the famous curve in time and then presents a passage that loosens up the bombastic sound mix and is also relaxed at times. It only gets a little calmer with track 6, the piano-based composition 'Piano II', and the track 'Dune' shows itself to be funky grooving. And then, quite relaxed, he even finishes a CD with 'Endless', which impressively proves that Marcel rightly won the 'German Rock and Pop Prize 2008' in the category 'best drummer'. Despite all the intensity and the many variations, his grooves and fills are always musically noteworthy and he also cuts a fine figure as a musician on guitar, bass and keyboards. (...)“ (Sticks Review 11 / 2008)

01 Gasoline
02 progression
03 Impact
04 vision
05 Warzone
06 Piano II
07 Dune
08 monsters
09 endless