Marcel Bach - Rhythmic Diversity (DVD) (5906923946137)

Marcel Bach - Rhythmic Diversity (DVD)


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On his latest release "Rhythmic Diversity" Marcel Bach gives the viewer a deep insight into the versatility of drumming. In ten solo percussion compositions, he takes the audience on a journey through various dynamics, styles and moods.
Marcel's drumming philosophy quickly becomes apparent, in which he uses the drums not only as a groove foundation in a band but also as an excellent solo instrument. Far removed from any drum overdose, he appeals to both drummers and non-drummers alike.
Marcel impressively proves why he is a welcome guest at various drum festivals and has already won several German Rock & Pop Awards in the categories "best drummer" and "best solo instrumentalist" and his previous DVD and CD releases got best reviews worldwide.
"Rhythmic Diversity" also includes some tracks by his post-rock band Suntrigger (including a download of the backing tracks), a three-part drum lesson for a creative and versatile use of drum grooves and fills (including a sheet music download), as well as additional bonus Material.

1. Welcome
2. solo #1 echo
3. solo # 2 rhythmic diversity part I
4. song #1 go ahead
5. solo # 3 rhythmic diversity part II
6. solo #4 fight
7. song#2 something new
8. solo # 5 rhythmic diversity part III