Marcel Bach - Solo (CD) (5871824928921)

Marcel Bach - Solo (CD)


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"You're thrown from one extreme to the next. After a rather meditative and minimalistic introduction focused on sounds, the next track is followed by the eruption of a groove volcano. Marcel Bach then takes you into the world of trance-like sound compositions, which in turn finally lead to technically explosive ostinato playing. We deliberately did not create a stereotypical solo drumming album here, but a CD with 14 pure drum tracks recorded live and without overdubs, which stand alone and are clearly arranged according to themes. Economical sound elements alternate with densely played groove power, slaughtering hi-hats meet percussion sounds and swingy brushes meet rolling tom fills. The drums are captured relatively naturally in terms of sound - no pimped effects or artificial room simulations were used. Rather, authentic sound images of a drum kit equipped with percussion add-ons are effectively presented through playing dynamics. Stick playing methods are used as well as playing with bare hands. 'Solo' is not a solo drumming CD that conjures up one firework after the next, but an album built on groove and moods, which nevertheless allows Marcel Bach's virtuosity to shine through in a multifaceted way in his almost compositional tunes." (Stick's review 03 / 2011)

01 Vagabond
02 Freeze
03 Five am
04 Generator
05 Talking Hands
06 Sonorous
07 Tribal dance
08 Sunny Side
09 Glittering Stars
10 Riot Squad
11 calling
12 Escape
13 Butterflies
14 Final Straight