Marcel Bach - Sonic Waves (Solo Drum Compositions) (CD) (5871824765081)

Marcel Bach - Sonic Waves (Solo Drum Compositions) (CD)


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“'Solo Drum Compositions' is the subtitle of Marcel Bach's latest work, recorded, mixed and mastered in his own 'Soundsurfer' studio. You can hear six of his compositions for drum set - and yes: he plays solo and without overdubs (!), which is almost unimaginable given the complexity of some of the arrangements and instrumentation. There is no saving on technical finesse, but neither on musical ingenuity. The six tracks are proof of the high musical and technical qualities of Marcel Bach, who impressively demonstrates that the drums are also very well suited to transporting music both rhythmically and melodically. 'Sonic Waves' is now Marcel Bach's fifth CD and shows both the musical progression in the artistic creativity of the musician and the high standards that Marcel once again sets for himself. Both are remarkable, and one can justifiably certify 'Sonic Waves' the much-vaunted 'international class', because Marcel definitely plays in the top league of solo drum performers." (Stick's review 2014)

01 Sonic Waves
02 Cryptic Signs
03 Hands Of Time
04 Chasing Thoughts
05 Sleepwalkers
06 Below The Surface