Maria Christina with Federico Casagrande - Morning Swim (CD) (5871773253785)

Maria Christina with Federico Casagrande - Morning Swim (CD)


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Vienna - New York - Berlin: The Austrian singer Maria Christina has had an exciting journey and you can hear that. Her voice is the expression of a highly sensitive, open-hearted soul, her songs have a lot to tell.
Her debut album has been compared to Joni Mitchell's early works and hailed as an "experience of rediscovery" (About Jazz). Her songs are "poetically told by an attentive, sensitive chronicler" (Concerto) and this poetry also runs through her new album "Morning Swim": It is a collection of unique, profound artsongs accompanied by the virtuoso Italian guitarist Federico Casagrande.
The duo's music hovers between singer-songwriter and jazz, between narrative and improvisation. Again and again Maria Christina's crystal clear voice and the precise guitar playing provide surprises, the couple keeps turning in unexpected directions - only to return home safely in the end. A musical journey of a very special kind.

01 Morning Swim
02 Ocean Song
03 Blank canvas
04 Love And Rage
05 Eternally Collapsing
06 Closest To Home
07 Spreading Love
08 Back To White
09 Lullaby For Richey
10 One By One