Marian Kleebaum - Blaue Sonne (CD)

Marian Kleebaum - Blue Sun (CD)


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"Blaue Sonne" is the fourth CD by singer-songwriter Marian Kleebaum and once again presents a colorful mix of multi-faceted piano pieces and jazzy pop songs. The title of the album already expresses the individuality of the artist, which runs through all his texts and compositions.
In contrast to its predecessors, however, "Blaue Sonne" sounds fuller and more complex. One reason for this: For his new CD, Marian Kleebaum got support from other musicians for the first time. 7 of the 14 titles were recorded with a band, 7 other songs are pure piano pieces without vocals.

1. Llama
2. False colors
3. Blue sun
4. Breakfast
5. The Frog
6. A little further
7. The bog
8. The duck
9. Totally Free (part 2)
10. In a way away from here
11. My Echo
12. The eagle
13. The first song
14. Budapest