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Marian Kleebaum - b/t (CD)


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The pianist, guitarist and singer Marian Kleebaum was born Marian Geinitz in Freiburg in 1981. Since his mother is Hungarian and his father is German, he grew up bilingual. Both the Hungarian temperament and the German calm are reflected in his music. At the age of six he began classical music lessons and at thirteen he began to improvise and write pieces. The emotional and rhythmic songs in Hungarian, English or German all come from his own pen. The musical style varies between jazz and pop. Not everyone can be pigeonholed.

01 Foliage
02 Live your style
03 In a way away from here
04 summer rain
05 ten thousand
06 Ramquampuli
07 Utazó patkány
08 So fragile
09 My echo
10 positive
11 A ház
12 Neutral C