Marius Freese - The Dragonfly (CD) (5871768109209)

Marius Freese - The Dragonfly (CD)


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The 29-year-old singer/songwriter from Osnabrück released his debut album "The Dragonfly". The music can best be described as acoustic rock accompanied by an authentic voice. Marius Freese grew up in the country and grew up with his father's record collection from the important decades of rock music.
The music is correspondingly straightforward, sometimes catchy and sometimes intentionally different. The songs on the album tell stories from life, from the past and the future, from getting lost in everyday life to being rooted in home and nature. With the 13 titles contained on the debut album, it should be reminded in an experimental way that life always has a turn in store for you. A fresh and raw sound that can sound surprisingly different and also fits a bit into today's social life.
With a lot of love for music from different genres and the associated feeling of freedom, this album wants to remind you that life is a journey that we are on together, despite social origins and social backgrounds.

01 Inside&Out
02 Mysteries
03 The Need To Pray
04 Young And Free
05 Don't Wait Too Long
06 Our Destiny
07 When You Got To Find The Answers
08 As Long As I Stay Here
08 Where The Mountains Pray
10 Drovers
11 Twenty One
12 Let's Drift Away
13 On Your Way