Mark Pusker - Circles In Time (CD) (5871795634329)

Mark Pusker - Circles In Time (CD)


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Mark Pusker about himself and the album "Circles in Time": "Through the creation of my debut album Circles In Time I developed - as a saxophonist and at the same time composer and bandleader - into a full-blooded jazz musician. My international musician friends have accompanied me on this path with great support, for which I am very grateful. My compositions were inspired by traditions of the jazz genre, the so-called mainstream jazz music. They present intuitiveness, but at the same time contain features of universal music. Own compositions, such as the ballad La Pequeña Oda, the song with changing tempi past and present, the ostinato pulsating in odd bars and - last but not least - the modern and striking song New Age, have enabled me to express my compositional skills. The songs Halloween and Seven to Four were designed from the well-known standards. Blues for Tuesday's theme is a classic minor blues tune in a standard 12-bar form. A special color on the palette of the song list is Berenice, where Diego Riedemann is not only in the foreground as an excellent guitarist, but also as a composer. I am particularly pleased that I was able to win the musicians for my quartet, who are also active and respected artists with their own formations and belong to the international jazz scene. Thank you very much for being a part of my project!”

02 Berenice
03 Blues For Tuesday
04 Ostinato
05 New Age
06 La Pequena
07 Seven To Four
08 Past & Present (Bonus Track)