Markus Richter - Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst (CD) (5871678062745)

Markus Richter - I see something you don't see (CD)


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The songwriter from Hamburg released his long-awaited debut album entitled "I see something that you don't see".
"All in all, it has become a very personal album," says Markus Richter, who recorded the eleven songs in Hamburg. “At first I only had a vague idea in mind, I wanted to take stock of something. But little by little, new impressions and inspirations were added, which ultimately developed into the songs that have now been released.”
Provided with catchy melodies, the songwriter embarks on a journey into the center of interpersonal relationships in his songs. The varied instrumentation, the German lyrics with a lot of wit and the clear diction of the singing ensure a direct proximity to the listener. Thus, "I see something that you don't see" has become a melancholic, at times light and airy and at times also moving debut album, which invites you to listen, think and smile in equal measure.

01 Next to me
02 I see something you don't see
03 Elbe view promise
04 pity
05 It is what it is
06 I would love to
07 25 hours
08 Don't ever let go of me
09 No understanding
10 Much more
11 Midsummer Night Angels