Marno Howald - Gegen den Wind (CD) (6738942656665)

Marno Howald - Against the Wind (CD)


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The polarizing singer-songwriter from Ritterhude sums things up musically and lyrically! He doesn't allow himself to be directed either stylistically or in terms of content. On the contrary, they don't mince words and things are called by their proper names in an ironic and humorous way.
Marno Howald has already been on stage with Konstantin Wecker and is an unusual musician who sketches his songs with his individual, authentic and sometimes sarcastic handwriting. It's not like he can be tied down to one genre musically, that would only hamper his creativity. Nevertheless, you can feel his own style in how he writes his lyrics and what topics he takes up. Sometimes with a smile in the corner of your mouth, sometimes with melancholy but also with the unembellished truth. Whether alone on stage or accompanied by his musicians, he is ironic, cheeky, questioning, answering, loving and suffering, autobiographical and romantic. Definitely surprising! You never know if the joke is breathing down your neck or if a social topic is being outlined.
The Wahl Ritterhuder has already published an album "Ganz ohne Kritik" as well as a book of songs and poems in the past and is now about to release his second album, "Gegen den Wind". This album was recorded in 2020 at Hörwerk Tonstudio Bookholzberg and Marno Howald was accompanied musically by Regina Mudrich (violin) and Steffen Gust (guitar and bass). This was a particular challenge because Corona made it impossible to stick to the planned release, which was scheduled for September last year.

01 lifetime
02 togetherness
03 Man believes it
04 Against the wind
05 The knight man
06 My fathers
07 Learned to walk in a crouch
08 The dreamer
09 My love
10 The small bar at the port
11 Sad sick man
12 When I was a kid
13 The child in the well
14 The Moon Man