Martin Boliks Zeitschiff Unicorn - Flucht nach Pepperland - Teil 1 der Hörspielserie von Martin
Bolik mit Heinz Hoenig (CD) (5871776006297)

Martin Bolik's time ship Unicorn - Escape to Pepperland - Part 1 of the radio play series by Martin Bolik with Heinz Hoenig (CD)


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The recordings were made at original locations (including the Baltic Sea, Harz Mountains, Weser Uplands).
Storyline: "Escape to Pepperland" is the first part of the series "Timeship Unicorn" and at the same time episode 1 of the "Pepperland Trilogy". This tells the adventures of Kire, who fled from Pomerania to the Harz Mountains in 1945. It's also the beginning of a "friendship triangle" for Kire, Huck and Paulina, who are brought together by a secret society to save their guild of master storytellers into the future. But the war is still on, Kire and Paulina have lost their memories, and the Triangle can't trust anyone - not even their own guild. This sees in Kire the chosen one who is to build a time ship in the future that saves stories. The Shadows of the Dreamless want to prevent just that, and the future is in constant flux.
With: Heinz Hoenig, Jessica Wahls, Helmut Krauss, Eckart Dux, Santiago Ziesmer, Lea Gehrmann, many guests and the "Triangle" Erik Elias Bolik, Paulina Hameran and Julian Hammel Songs: Volker Schlag, music: Billy Ray Schlag, Eddi Adam, Martin Bolik Script and Production: Martin Bolik, Directors: Rolf Losansky, Ines Peinemann
Running time: 80 minutes, HTV special edition with 2 "Harz" bonus chapters

01 Prologue: shipwrecked people of the time
02 Chapter 1: The wind told me a song
03 Chapter 2: The magic cook against the shadows of the dreamless
04 Chapter 3: Everything is as you see it and also not
05 Chapter 4: The Rainbow Gate
06 Chapter 5: When you wake up, check if you are still dreaming
07 Chapter 6: The return to the clipper cog
08 Chapter 7: The Rainbow Land (Part 1)
09 Chapter 8: Epilogue - The wind is your friend