Martin Kämpfer - Innere Stimme (CD)

Martin Kampfer - Inner Voice (CD)


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Martin lived - ready for Hollywood to the fullest. Fancy cars, beautiful women, expensive hobbies. But as in the film, he is betrayed by a close confidant and suddenly everything collapses.
Absolute emptiness and the fall into nothingness, into alcohol. His life in shambles. Emaciated and at the end of his strength, Martin threatens to disappear.
But in his darkest hour there is suddenly light. Martin sees a spark that could reignite the fire. There are tones, melodies and whole songs - from deep within a life on the brink. As if through fate, Martin meets the music producer Lukas Schick, with whom he is looking for ways to process what he has experienced. Martin becomes Martin Kampfer.  And Martin Kampfer is alive. But right now.
While the first album "MUT" (2019) was still characterized by the search, Martin Kampfer seems to have found his way with his new album "INNERE STIMME" (2022).
Martin Kampfer playfully oscillates between self-confident, fun-loving songs that deal with being free, letting go and dancing, and deeply sad ballads from an eventful life.
Together with his band and his producer, Martin Kampfer has developed a sound that adds a whole new touch to the German pop genre with a touch of the 80s, playfulness and yet modern clarity. Full power and lived emotions. Even the last listener will immediately notice that this is all real.
Martin Kaempfer is alive.

02 balloon
03 Sos (Pull me towards you)
04 The embers
05 I'm running away
06 rendezvous
07 A new day
08 This one
09 carts out of the dirt
10 What is written in the stars