Martin Kämpfer - Mut (CD) (5871798878361)

Martin Kaempfer - Courage (CD)


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Martin Kampfer about his first album: “'Mut' is quite simply the perfect name for my first album. Despite all the emotions, strength and setbacks, one thing was always clear: I have something to tell. I have the courage to lay my feelings open and wrap them in music. I have the courage to do this. Honestly, with all the mistakes that make life worth living. It all started with the decision to take piano lessons and to give a face to my inner passion. Lukas Schick (calm_pilot) piano teacher and later producer: 'I quickly got wind of the extraordinary voice, the exciting stories and Martin's eventful life. There sat a finished artist who just needed to be given the perfect platform.' With every hour in the recording studio, things became clearer: an album is the perfect medium. In three years we had gotten to know each other so well that the lyrics and music could have been tailored perfectly to me. That was the beginning of a friendship in a musical style that inspires reflection with expressive German pop. As a passionate cook, I see my very own parallels: I mix components and in the end something wonderful comes out of it. Harmonious, playful and dreamy. I may not always hit the right note, but I always open my heart to that. It's been a long road to the release of this album and I can't wait for you to hear it. I am immensely proud that we had the courage to do it.”

01 belly and heart
02 No mask
03 My heart
04 Brave and strong
05 stop
06 You and me
07 White Swans