Martin Kolbe und Peter Autschbach - Songs From The Inside (CD) (5871700443289)

Martin Kolbe and Peter Autschbach - Songs From The Inside (CD)


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The guitarist and singer Martin Kolbe, who has been on hiatus for 28 years due to illness, is back with a strong comeback: the album "Songs From The Inside", long awaited by Kolbe fans, was recorded in spring 2014 by Martin Kolbe and the guitarist Peter Autschbach. There are 12 songs in English that deal with the experiences Martin had during his stays in various psychiatric hospitals. He sings in a bluesy voice about the trauma of being locked up ("Keys"), the compulsion to wash up ("Come Water"), the exhilaration of mania ("Finally Me") and some very weird birds ("Cage Birds") ), which he got to know in the closed department.As a bonus, there are three songs on the CD that can also be heard in German.

01 Family
02 Sea of ​​Past
03 I Ain't Blind
04 Miles
05 keys
06 holes
07 Come Water
08 Cage Birds
09 In the Name of the Son
10 prayers
11 Finally Me
12 I'm Different
13 Me Again (Bonus Track)
14 Infinitely Far (Bonus Track)
15 water! (bonus track)