Martin Meinschäfer - Wer hat, der hat! (CD) (5915514568857)

Martin Meinschäfer - If you have it, you have it! (CD)


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Singer, producer & sound engineer Martin Meinschäfer is releasing a German-language album under his own name!
"Who has, who has" is the name of my new album and I think the title is more relevant than ever: the property situation on our planet has never been so unfairly distributed as it is now. Despite all the warnings, the exploitation of resources continues, and it still does so at the expense of the poorest. Apparently we can't get enough of it.
But that's not the only reason I have a new album: I've hardly made any music of my own since the last release of the "ROSEN & GOMORRHA" album in 2001 and I've spent the last 20 years helping other, younger colleagues with their work and to bring their music into the most powerful form possible. It was a lot of fun and often very inspiring. But over time I felt that one or the other song was still slumbering in me. They just had to get out!”
In addition to his son Moritz Meinschäfer, who played the drums on almost all songs, some guests and companions can be heard on the album: Henrik Freischlader, Marco Zugner, Joo Kraus, Martel Dörsam, Toett, Moritz Müller, Karima Djabelkhir, Jimmy Klimsop, Linda Rocco, Günter Asbeck, Lothar Krell and Raimund Salg.
Meinschäfer makes pop music far removed from any foreign shame attitude. Musically, it's more like Steely Dan with sophisticated arrangements than the usual German-language always-the-same-3-chord scheme.
The guest musicians set their musical scent notes very insistently. Nevertheless, this album bears more than ever the very typical signature of the artist.
The compact arrangements and the experience shaped by his work as a producer result in a really first-class sound. In addition, the trained guitarist develops an extremely accurate feeling for instrumentation, which provides a surprise in every song.
Reconciling the style variety of this work is a particularly outstanding feature of this production, which does not follow any trends, but simply delivers timelessly good quality.
The focus is on the voice, which perfectly combines text and feeling. The lyrics are pointed, witty and catchy at the same time. "You could easily release that as a volume of lyrics..." say the test listeners.
It goes straight to the truths and evokes very direct emotions. Funny neologisms, powerful images! Since one has already experienced a lot of ups and downs. You believe that immediately! 16 song gems with guaranteed catchy tunes. A very musical album!
"Who has, who has" is vanilla for the soul!

01 Stock market melody
02 Hit the wall
03 Where would we end up
04 So much
05 Do you want mine?
06 Colorful
07 Insane
08 The Babylon System
09 Death is in vain
10 stowaways
11 Until the doctor comes
12 move on
13 Come on
14 How to do it
15 Between 8 a.m. and half past nine
16 Just me