Matthias Monka - Leben ist… (CD) (5871719383193)

Matthias Monka - Life is… (CD)


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"Life is...." That's the name of the new CD by the Bremen singer/songwriter Matthias Monka - and the songs on the third long-player by the musician are just as complex as life itself, and he likes to go off the beaten track in his very own tracks follows. Whether great love, the tragic death of his mother, or the connection to his hometown Bremen - everything that has moved Matthias lately has been processed by him in eleven authentic, very personal songs.
Fans got a little foretaste when his Bremen anthem "Bremen, dein Lied" was released in advance. Now the whole album is finished. Unlike his previous productions, which he mostly recorded alone, Matthias got musical support for "Leben ist". For example, his creative companion Olli Kronhardt plays the guitar in the generation anthem “Helden sind Wir” and in the anti-war rocker “Jungle Law”, colleague Annie Heger provides female, soulful choirs... Martin Huch, who has already worked with Heinz Rudolf Kunze , Stoppok and Peter Maffay made guest appearances, played pedal steel in the country ballad "Zuhaus"... and finally all-time friend and triple-pack colleague Ralf Marckardt plucked the bass a little here and there.
It was recorded in Uli Löh's Intrada Music Studio, just as Matthias wished for this album: With real drums, a real grand piano, vintage sounds and real strings (Birgit Denogg and Konrad Seeliger) - as befits a singer/songwriter album heard.

01 Everything in life
02 Your love
03 people
04 Heroes are us
05 Jungle Law
06 home
07 The day when everything is different
08 In the eye of the storm
09 Valley of Tears
10 Last Hour
11 Bremen your song (bonus track)