Maurizio Ruta - Lebe & Liebe, Live & Love (CD) (5871809724569)

Maurizio Ruta - Live & Love, Live & Love (CD)


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Arcturians are a science fiction civilization and are portrayed as an advanced life form with a positive outlook on life. Maurizio can identify with this attitude to life and this is also reflected in his music. His music stands for love, life, the good and the beautiful in our world, as well as for fairness and equality, peace and freedom! In 2006 he produced an EP with four different tracks of electronic music under the name "SphinxxMusic" together with a band member of a group from Essen. The lyrics to the songs were written and sung by Maurizio. In the years that followed, he continued to write lyrics and produce his own music in his home studio.
His listeners describe his voice as very warm, sensual, soothing and exceptionally unique!
The result is a small album with five great songs entitled "Lebe & Liebe, Live & Love". With the song "Searching for Great Luck" from the current EP, Maurizio was able to celebrate winning the Bernd Aktion on WDR 2 "Scene in the West".

01 In search of great happiness
02 In this world
03 Love Yourself
04 Only if we are all love
05 Sensitive Senses
06 In Search of Great Happiness (Instrumental)