Mediokrist - Traumwelt (CD) (5871800582297)

Mediokrist - Dream World (CD)


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Mediokrist means average person, which is also the main theme of the album "Traumwelt". The fight for self-realization in modern society under the influence of the media and the environment is dealt with thematically. Without making political statements, problems are addressed both directly and ironically.
The musical accompaniment to the lyrics can be classified for the most part in the metalcore genre, with elements from hardcore, punk, pop and other areas also being used. The targeted use of synthesizers condenses the sound with its 80s vibe to create an exciting and dense atmosphere. Although the album is not a concept album in the classic sense, the structure of the album and the songs have been deliberately chosen to clarify the thematic processing of the lyrics.

01 Eleos
02 monochrome
03 median
04 dream world
05 Thank you humanity
06 Phobos
07 Catharsis
08 Hypocrisia
09 Neo Homo Superior
10 mirrors
11 omens
12 Exitus