Medlz - Bekannt aus Film und Fernsehen (2CD) (5871702245529)

Medlz - known from film and television (2CD)


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With "Known from film and television", the "medlz" present their most versatile record to date. From the idea, through the choice of songs and production, to the final implementation of layout issues. The 4 filmmakers took everything into their musical hands and now hold an enchanting piece of film history in them. Bine: "We've tried a lot in the 15 years of our band's history. Some crowned with success, others less so. But each of these steps was important in order to be where we are today. Now we are a band with an unmistakable sound and always new concept albums. And this time our passion led us to the subject of film and television. "As original as possible, as emotional as never before and as convincing as ever!" "Known from film and television" is a somewhat different view of film history.
From well-known melodies such as THE BOOT, THE PIRATE OF THE CARIBBEAN, HIGHLANDER or FORREST GUMP, to insider tips, such as the emotional ballad from the film WIE IM HIMMEL to 4 original compositions on the subject of film. This range of genres makes the album very varied and yet incredibly personal. You can also hear the long-standing friendship with the a cappella band Maybebop, because they lend the medlz their voices in a duet they composed themselves. Only the screenplay for the film has to be written. Maria: “This record should be more than just a cover album. We sat together for a long time and philosophized about the common thread and the implementation. That was worth it."

01 Die Another Day (From "James Bond")
02 My Name Is Forrest, Forrest Gump (From "Forrest Gump")
03 angels
04 The Neverending Story/The Flight on the Lucky Dragon (From "The Neverending Story")
05 Beauty and the Beast (From "Beauty and the Beast")
06 Underwater March / He's a Pirate (From "Pirates Of The Caribbean")
07 Main Theme (From "Halloween")
08 Hymn to the Sea (From "Titanic")
09 Gangsta's Paradise (From "Dangerous Minds")
10 Our Lives
11 Hallelujah (From "Shrek")
12 Main Theme (From "Mission Impossible")
13 Who Wants to Live Forever (From "Highlander")
14 Don't Go Yet (feat. Maybebop)
15 Gabriella's Song (From "As In Heaven")
16 Johnny's Mambo (From "Dirty Dancing")
17 The street
18 Main Theme / Imperial March (From "Star Wars")
19 The Diva Dance (From "The Fifth Element")
20 The Last Unicorn (From "The Last Unicorn")
21 Lady Marmalade