Medlz - (das) LÄUFT BEI UNS Vol. 2 (CD)

Medlz - (that) RUNS WITH US Vol. 2 (CD)


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After Nadja Benaissa left the band after less than a year to celebrate her comeback with the "No Angels", the MEDLZ had to go looking for a deep voice again. After a successful search and another line-up change, the band MEDLZ is now releasing their second album for their current programme, "(das)laufen bei uns". This not only contains the missing titles of the current show, it also introduces the new band member Juliane Köbe, who fits perfectly into the women's quartet with her goose bumps timbre.
The MEDLZ remain true to their very own sound (voice-bass-beat) and continue to develop their sound worlds vocally and technically brilliantly.
The musical range of the four singers is constantly growing and their joy in vocal experiments knows almost no bounds. An album that grooves, rocks and moves.
From Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" to Dolly Parton's "Jolene", Linkin Park's "BREAKING THE HABIT", "(TheY long to be) close to you" by the Carpenters, PUR's "Neue Brücken" to the Saxon "PhanDoum dor Obor" - there is something for every taste.
As a little extra, the charming quartet has also given their longtime and highly esteemed guest singer Maren Kips a spot on this album.
An album that definitely shouldn't be missing in any well-assorted playlist or record cabinet.

01 Uptown Funk
02 Rise Like A Phoenix
03 Viva la Vida
04 I want
05 New bridges
06 Jolene
07 L'amore è femmina
08 Breaking the Habit
09 (They Long To Be) Close To You
10 Relight My Fire
11 Phandoum dor Obor
12 It Might Slip Away (Bonus)