Medlz - Von Mozart bis Mercury (live) (CD) (5871741403289)

Medlz - From Mozart to Mercury (live) (CD)


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Exceptional, heartwarming and deeply impressive. At the age of seven, the medlz sang pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, etc. together in the Dresden Philharmonic Children's Choir. This classical training can still be heard today. In "From Mozart to Mercury" the four musicians sing their way through a good two hundred years of music history with passion. Enjoy the extraordinary stillness of a pin with Ave Verum (Mozart), snap along with "Mister Sandman" (The Chordettes), let yourself be seduced "from head to toe" (Marlene Dietrich) and recharge your batteries with good rock, e.g with "Kashmir" (Led Zeppelin) or pop, e.g. with "Man in the mirror" (Michael Jackson). Two hundred years of music history in two hours is also a very humorous journey thanks to the sympathetically direct manner of spokeswoman Sabine Kaufmann. Because this program also says: "A Saxon is always there." You can hear the selected songs of the 4 women from Dresden in the unusual and unique style and sound of the medlz.

01 Holberg Suite Op. 40 "Preludes"
02 Ave Verum
03 There were two royal children
04 Joshia fit the battle of Jericho
05 I'm set on love from head to toe
06 La vie en rose
07 Mister Sandman
08 What a wonderful world
09 swing medley
10 I'm always tired in the morning