Medlz - Weihnachtsleuchten (CD) (5871769190553)

Medlz - Christmas Lights (CD)


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Outstanding, versatile pop arrangements, sung contemplatively and angelically. This is how the new Christmas CD "Christmas Lights" by the Dresden a cappella women's band medlz sounds. You can hear Christmas carols from Ireland to France like "Christmas in Killarney" and "Minuit, Chrétiens", from soul to pop like "Go tell it on the mountain" and "The Christmas Song" and from folk songs like "What should that mean?" to the band's own composition "Are we still grateful". 3 multi-faceted sopranos and a comfortably warm alto manage to bring us a little closer to Christmas with this new CD. Together they groove through the Christmas facets of our world. Together, that's how it is how Christmas should be. 1. Joy to the World 2. Minuit Chrétiens 3. Varpunen Jouluaamuna 4. The angel hears great joy 5. Christmas in Killarney 6. Three hazelnuts for Cinderella 7. Go tell it on the mountain 8. The First Noël 9. Are we still grateful 10.Carol of the Bells 11. Daughter Zion 12. The Christmas Song 13. What does that mean