Medlz - Weihnachtsleuchten Vol. 2 (CD) (5968426107033)

Medlz - Christmas Lights Vol. 2 (CD)


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If you are hoping for a bit of Christmas normality in these times, it could shine again here. The now fifth Christmas album "Christmas Lights Vol. 2" by the charismatic Dresden women's band medlz presents the listener with all of this.
With this disc, the medlz remain true to their musical wanderlust: Christmas carols from Ireland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the USA and from home sound in the now unmistakable medlz guise. From the swinging "Winter Wonderland" to the anthemic "Kolęda Maryi", the elegiac "Winter Hike" to the soulful "Someday at Christmas" - there is the right song for every Christmas feeling.
With imaginative arrangements, Nelly Palmowske, Sabine Kaufmann, Silvana Mehnert and Nadja Benaissa invite you to forget everyday life for a few moments during the quietest time of the year.

01 Winter Wonderland
02 The Christmas party
03 Angels' Carol
04 Frosty, the snowman
05 Kolęda Maryi
06 The angel hears bright songs
07 I stand by your cribs here
08 The Wexford Carol
09 Winter hike
10 sleigh rides
11Someday at Christmas
12 Mary went through a thorn forest
13 Jul, jul, strålande jul