Mehrzweckheld - Weil mir so ist (CD) (5871744647321)

Multipurpose Hero - Because I Feel Like It (CD)


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That moment when you feel like you could uproot trees and that everything starts anew, or the conversation with the guy in front of the bar who would do everything differently if he had the chance again. That's the life you immerse yourself in through the songs of the Hamburg band Mehrzweckheld. Since their first album, the band around songwriter Jens Bohn has re-formed and grown significantly. Markus Fiebig on drums and Lutz Krone on bass have laid the foundation for a musical reorientation towards German pop/rock on stage and in the studio since 2015. Since 2016, Frank Stange has shaped the music of multipurpose hero with the sound of his electric guitar. Jan Wölke again took over the production of the album and made sure that the singer/songwriter elements are combined with rocking guitars. Everything fits together. So "Because I feel like that" is the next step for the multipurpose heroes. Just music full of life.

01 Everything
02 Because I Feel Like It (Hero Version)
03 island
04 On fire
05 I know
06 Eventually
07 Because I feel like this