Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort - Brutalin (CD) (5871725969561)

My Head Is A Brutal Place - Brutalin (CD)


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Something's brewing. The soup is called BrutaliN and is served with a large ladle. A riff-heavy mixture of Thrash, Hardcore and Metal with German lyrics. Always right in the face, always honest and often with a wink and a dash of Äppler. Founded in Frankfurt am Main at the end of 2012, Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort gave its first sign of life in March 2013 with the EP “Neue Deutsche Schelle”. Predicate of the press: "... wide-ranging blood slide and fine slap for the often pathetic but bloodless Deutschrockhärtner band" ( After a turbulent year 2014 with line-up changes on drums and guitar, work on the first LP started in March 2015. BrutaliN clearly shows the early musical education of the boys.
Do you wear welder shirts? Lamb of God and Pantera and in shabby jeans they hit you with their very own mix of them. Songs like "payday", "I don't regret anything" or "headload" give you a good one, as only Heinz Schenk in the blue goat used to do.

01 payday
02 Ready for anything
03 I have no regrets
04 Storm in a teacup
05 top load
06 breath
07 Feel-good zone
08 Burnt wings
09 Kingdom
10 Outro