Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort - Selbstmitleitkultur (CD) (5871780692121)

My Head Is A Brutal Place - Self-Compassion Culture (CD)


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When the lines between self-pity and hate blur, it's time to get loud. A lot has happened in the last three years since the release of their debut "Brutalin" that deserves attention and musical reappraisal. And so, in addition to personal topics, “Self-compassion culture” also includes observations of world events and the gradual reduction in empathy. Fanatics of all stripes prepare the ground for populists (“Seeden Auges”, “Treibhaus”). Neighbors and friends forget how to talk to each other and take refuge in their filter bubbles (“self-help culture”). Inner quarrels and fears about the future (“Janusmann”, “Das Rad”, “Victim Circles”) fight their way into consciousness and yet there are always those moments when everything just fits, you can forget everything (“Adrenaline”) and find the strength to overcome oneself in order to make the world a little bit better ("Invincible"). Between insanity and desperate optimism, "self-compassion culture" hits where others knock hollow slogans and thrash phrases - right in the face. "For the country - the poet and thinker they become the judge and executioner"

01 The wheel
02 Icarus
03 circles of victims
04 direction end times
05 Adrenaline
06 Seeing eye
07 Janusman
08 Invincible
09 greenhouse
10 self-help culture