Mélie - Traces (CD) (5871760146585)

Mélie - Traces (CD)


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For years she spent her free time covering well-known songs without ever taking singing lessons. Over time, she became more and more involved in her father's music projects, who repeatedly wrote his own songs and produced them as a multi-instrumentalist. At the age of 15 she recorded one of these songs (Where love has gone) in the studio. This created the desire to generally shift the focus from covers to their own works.
This is how a very versatile album developed with eleven tracks in English, which emerged from the collaboration of father and daughter. Mélie worked mainly as a lyricist and interpreter.
The debut album "Traces" is characterized by a great diversity. Here you can hear soulful ballads with differentiated arrangements as well as powerful indie pop songs. Acoustic instruments can be found here as well as electronic beats. The entire work is held together by the young artist's crystal-clear voice, which, from delicate and fragile to powerfully emotional, leaves no color missing.

For Mélie, music has always been an important influence in her life. She grew up in a house with her own recording studio. "She was born with her singing talent." (Rhein-Zeitung)

01 Moonlight
02 Get To You
03 traces
04 Believed In Love
05 Key To Go Ashore
06 Taste Of Love
07 Don't Go Away
08 Trouble
09 Where Love Has Gone
10 Wanna Be Yours
11 Get To You (Living Room Mix)