Mélinée - Alchimiste (CD) (5871805563033)

Mélinée - Alchemist (CD)


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With "Alchimiste" Mélinée realizes her third album, characterized by Afro-Pop-Rock sounds. You will find the balafon, which was already present in their second album “Héroïne”, and then there are the ngoni (small African kora), the djembé and various percussion instruments.
Jonathan Bratoëff, guitarist, composer, arranger, sound engineer and producer, gives the album the world music orientation. Accordion and keyboard mix with African rhythms, rock pieces meet, true to Mélinée's style, intimate chansons. The singer speaks less of love this time. The men present in her chansons are more portraits of recognition, sometimes tender, sometimes satirical, less declarations of love in the true sense. Mélinée lets us travel to different countries, addressing places that have shaped or fascinated her. She surrenders her inner self and becomes the "alchemist" of a certain uneasiness. She talks about the difficult situation of the loved ones, speaks with humor and lightness about the dependence on the cigarette or writes an ode to the sun, which is so missing in the Berlin winters. This third album, like the previous ones, gives us a glimpse into the heart of a young woman whose songs are of universal importance. The chansons in Afro-Pop-Rock style give the singer's musical range new impulses that let us travel - in the midst of words and rhythms.

01 Monâme
02 soleil
03 Passau
04 The hunter
05 Loup
06 Belfast
07 L'amante audacieuse
08 Kolya's eyes