Mélinée - Héroïne (CD) (5871753429145)

Mélinée - Héroïne (CD)


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With "Héroïne" Mélinée releases her second, more intimate album: influenced by rock and pop and colored by African music. You immerse yourself in an acoustic universe, in sophisticated arrangements with guitar, double bass, cello, piano and of course her very own accordion accompaniment. The balafon, played with virtuosity by Aly Keita, is something special.
Mélinée talks about love again, always with Berlin as a background, but also about universal themes such as absence, waiting and alcohol, a brief digression on politics... or then a humorous portrait of her uncle. Mélinée's writing is distinctive, poetic, lyrical - a melancholic atmosphere carried by the singer's warm voice.

01 Quand je te vois
02 Dis-moi
03 Monopoly
04 heroines
05 Laisse Moi
06 L'attente
07 Par delà L'amer
08 love technician
09 Quand tu bois
10 Mon uncle
11 Rouge et noir
12 L'absence
13 D'amour et d'eau salee