Melted Ego - Heavyweight Knockout (CD) (5871819817113)

Melted Ego - Heavyweight Knockout (CD)


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Melted Ego, that's hard rock from the far north of the republic. Thanks to the long history of the five egos, which is steeped in history, the band has managed to live a multi-faceted, gripping sound that is rooted in many musical homes and that, despite the differences between the five friends, is always connected by one thing: the love of rock and hard rock .
The influences on the band extend to all kinds of rock music. All of these leave traces in the songs. Every idea that ends up in the rehearsal room is part of Melted Ego, whether it's heavy, delicate, spooky, irritating, instantly catchy, dramatic. Everyone works on the idea with their ego, no guidelines, no limits, no mercy. Rock right in the face, in the stomach and in the heart. Soul, strength and sweat. That's how Melted Ego works with the ideas, it's a process that lasts until something comes out that makes everyone in the room feel: Great, that's why I'm doing it...
Melted Ego has grown up a lot over the years. The riffs, the full steam drums that are always too loud enough, the vocals that come across as "full volume" and unique yet somehow familiar, guitars and bass like a thunderstorm wall or captivating like a Déjà vu , you have to hear it. Not mainstream, but still catchy tunes. Either you love it or you hate it. So life is. That's Melted Ego.
The new album "Heavyweight Knockout" reflects all of this. Eleven new songs full of energy, feeling, soul and rock, which the five egos will hammer into the frontal lobes of the audience from spring 2020.

01 Soul cracks
02 God Or Dog
03 September Sky
04 lovers
05 Heavyweight Knockout
06 Thrown Out Of Neverland
07 Anatomy Of Melancholy?
08 The Mantis
09 Echoes Of My Screams
10 Dystopian Unchained
11 Silent Solitude
12 Carnivore Matador