Metamorpher - Becoming (CD) (5871782297753)

Metamorpher - Becoming (CD)


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Dominik Kwasny and Michael Junker describe their brand new band Metamorpher as an “inevitable dam bursting from pent-up desire”. And somehow, especially with the two of them, everything so far seems to have come down to this EP debut entitled "Becoming". Metamorpher are uncompromising, trend-free, modern and embody exactly the kind of progressive ambient metal that is able to captivate you on several levels. There is a lot to say and convey here! The compositions and the sound are correspondingly wide-ranging and epic - the latter largely influenced by the legend Dan Swanö (Mix & Master). "Listen and yearn for more" is all that remains to be said at this point! A promising ambient prog metal combo founded by bassist Dominik Kwasny, singer Michael Junker and drummer Carlos Gottberath together with guitarists Michael Schiefer and Patrick Wassenberg.

01 Like A Mantis
02 Limbic
03 House In The Fields