Micha Schlüter - Der Teufel nimmt nur Bares (CD) (6647597367449)

Micha Schlueter - The devil only takes cash (CD)


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With his new album "Der Teufel takes nur Bares" Micha Schlueter dives into different worlds of sound. In doing so, he combines elements from different genres. Garage-punk folk songs meet dark bar music on the piano.
A trashy percussion, banjo, electric guitars with tremolo effect and reverb, accordion, xylophone and rough, expressive lyrics create a lot of atmosphere and create a captivating arc of suspense. An edgy sound between desert & road, vintage & zeitgeist, pub & fair.
Micha Schlueter learned his craft at the State University of Music in Trossingen, where he studied classical guitar. Live he is on the road in different formations. As a one-man band or together in a duo with the theater actor and musician Christian Wolfgang Steiner, as well as with the singer-songwriter Florijan van der Holz.
In 2012 he founded the after-work collective with his musician friend Max Francois,
which caused a sensation with the annual "Vive la Vie Festival" in Stuttgart.
In addition to songwriting, he is also the frontman of the band "bellalebwohl". (Radio Stuttgart, EP, 2020, Timezone Records)
Micha Schlueter has released an EP in recent years and his fourth studio album "Der Teufel takes nur Bares". His albums were highly praised by the specialist press and made it into numerous radio programs and the song list. In 2020 he was nominated for the sponsorship award.
Micha Schlueter has been with the Timezone Records label since 2012.

01 steppe light
02 2110
03 The blue red
04 rats
05 A story
06 The devil only takes cash
07 Friday night in your town
08 ferry
09 Kids on Tili
10 Poems to a Friend (aka lkhl)